How much is HSCN connectivity ?

We Compare the Costs of the Two Main HSCN Connection Types

We are often asked this basic question, how much is HSCN connectivity? This seems to be a question some are reluctant to advertise but we have laid out the details for you below.

HSCN is the direct replacement for the old N3 network which was monopolised by one of our well known communication brands. This actually made the old N3 network quite expensive given the technology used was in fact just a typical broadband connection. The arrival of HSCN has seen the market opened up to many different companies but it still isn’t cheap when compared to normal broadband network services. 

We asked our several of our clients how much they had paid for their HSCN connection.

Onsite Provision 

A starting price for HSCN is typically around £600 + VAT for installation and activation and then around £320 + VAT per month thereafter give or take a pound or two. This entry point into the HSCN market will get you a 10Mb connection to the HSCN network and is provided over a standard FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband connection. 

Cloud Gateway Cloud Provision

An example HSCN cloud provider quoted us a 10Mb connection at £1125 + VAT per month but no charge for installation and with very short lead times.

Comparing These Options

Comparing these 2 deployment cases; the onsite installation has the edge on price but lacks the robustness of a data centre provisioned connection. There are all sorts of things which could go wrong with the on-premises version as it relies on old PSTN line technology which is the same as you may have installed at home for your Phone and broadband.

You could improve the reliability of this connection by provisioning HSCN over leased line technology which is more reliable and has stronger Service Level Agreements (Typically 4-5 hours), but the price will only head in one direction and that is UP and the lead time/ time to install can be very lengthy. We have experience of leased lines taking up to 12 months to install.  

The cloud provisioned service is obviously more expensive but will be more reliable due to datacentre grade networks and redundancies, it is also a lot quicker to deploy as the service already exists and doesn’t have to be physically installed. Does it need to be this expensive though?

Anywhere Technologies Offers Cloud Benefits at Onsite Costs

We genuinely believe in delivering best value services to an industry that needs our support. That is why we price our cloud provisioned HSCN connections in line with on-premises installation but with all the benefits such as rapid deployment and strong network redundancies. We don’t believe in charging over the odds just because you need it, we ask a fair price for the services we provide. HSCN from costs £300 + VAT per month for a 10Mb connection to the HSCN network.

How much is HSCN connectivity

How much is HSCN connectivity for your care organisation?

We have a wide range of clients of all shapes and sizes in the healthcare sector and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your HSCN requirements with you. The price we have shown above will most likely be the one that is applicable for you as it covers the most common connections we are asked for, but if there are some special requirements then we can advise on these and how much they will cost.

If you are completely new to HSCN or have an existing N3 connection and would like some advice, then we can talk you through the main benefits for your organisation. Please give us a call or drop us a line.