Is data always backed up in the Cloud ?

A very quick answer is – not always.

Although all Cloud providers will have backup facilities, this doesn’t always mean they are up and running for your systems. Some hosting providers offer backups only as an optional service, they are not automatically applied and if they are missing, then it maybe your configuration that is at fault. So check carefully or select a provider that always provides them and doesn’t allow it as an optional extra.

We will provide (and also strongly recommend you implement) backups in multiple locations to guarantee business continuity in the event one system and/or set of data goes offline.

We also recommend frequent testing of every backup system. There are many cases when people have “assumed” something is being backed up, but when they have gone to retrieve it in an emergency, have found that actually the backup was not working.

Just walk in one day and test your system. Assume the worst and go looking for an important file or set of data in your backup and make sure it is there.

Then go and test the other backups too.