Should I move my business to the Cloud ?

The simple answer is yes, well at least some of it.

Enterprise email services have become pretty much like buying electricity. Just as you wouldn’t operate your own power station so you don’t need to build and support many of your own IT services unless your needs are unusual and very specific.  

If your business needs to upscale or downscale for seasonal or other reasons (eg consequences of a pandemic) then Cloud offers huge advantages over fixed IT infrastructure.

Does your business have a lot of remote workers ?

This may be workers on site, working from home or perhaps your business operates from a number of locations. Cloud brings better connectivity for business and makes it much easier to manage a geographically spread workforce.

Cloud is better for IT spend.

There maybe a limited up front spend but after this you pay for the services you use on an ongoing basis. Better for the balance sheet and better for business budgeting. No surprise server replacement costs.

If you don’t have the required levels of expertise then it’s worth looking at a small independent cloud provider. SMEs under 200 people or so are unlikely to have specialists in all the different disciplines required to have a truly resilient platform.

If your internet connection is rubbish don’t move to Cloud – leased lines are preferable.

Some things to be aware of; products and services like CCTV controller software, door access and time & attendance systems may have to be located on site.

Lastly, the trend and benefit of shifting to cloud hosted applications is clear. Cloud offers so much more operational flexibility and then there’s the real-time data and more. It will only become increasingly difficult to interact and run viable IT services outside of the Cloud as time goes on. Just take time to choose the right provider and don’t cut corners.