Black Friday Comes
But Once a Year…

Let’s Talk Turkey

‘Tis the season to review, optimise, consolidate and improve your Cloud solutions in readiness for a surge in demand.

The fate of the turkey may be uncertain with celebrations muted and vegan alternatives gaining an audience but they will not be counting their chickens and nor should we. It’s time for action.. to get our ducks in a row !

So as we approach Thanksgiving / Black Friday and even Christmas, it’s inevitable in the current climate that there will be a surge in online shopping traffic. The shopping season then becomes peak-parcel-season so online retailers and logistics companies need to be prepared.

Every organisation should regularly review and test their Cloud infrastructure to ensure that the resources are in line with traffic forecasts. You absolutely want to avoid your site experiencing outages or slow page-load resulting in lost orders. Spikes in traffic are great for business when you’re prepared. Talk to your Cloud provider for advice and support. There are always tales of ill-prepared online retailers paying the price so it’s worth taking time to review your Cloud arrangements and really not worth leaving it to chance. Those who do not prepare may find that their pigeons come home to roost…

At anywhere we are working closely with our clients to ensure that they are prepared for any event, providing total Cloud solutions – reliable, robust, scalable and secure. That includes our Healthcare partners who are already under pressure and now heading into traditional Winter pressures with Covid19 on top.

If you have concerns about your system’s ability to cope with increased traffic we’d be happy to talk to you.

** the canary-in-the-coalmine is being held back for the next instalment