cloud computing

Why are businesses moving to the cloud?

November 16, 2021

The shift to cloud computing has been nothing short of remarkable with more and more organisations moving to the cloud. According to Statista, firms now hold more than 50 percent of their data on third-party servers, an incredible statistic given that it was just 30 percent in 2015.  But what’s driving this shift, though? Why…

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Should I move my business to the Cloud ?

July 7, 2021

The simple answer is yes, well at least some of it. Enterprise email services have become pretty much like buying electricity. Just as you wouldn’t operate your own power station so you don’t need to build and support many of your own IT services unless your needs are unusual and very specific.   If your business…

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digital cloud transformation

Digital Transformation through Cloud… No strings !

January 15, 2021

Is your hardware in need of refreshing ? Cloud hosting should be seen as an asset giving the flexibility and security you need as you focus on developing your business. It’s becoming clearer that we’re going to have to get used to Covid restrictions being in place long term. More than ever, we need to…

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retail it

Communicationis Digitalis – The Evolution

December 3, 2020

We are not the first generation to recognise the need to work from anywhere. The Romans founded an Empire on remote working with Communications at the heart of it all. Messengers, tablets, scrolling and supply-chain management.. it’s all been done before but maybe less instant. It may all have been very different back then if…

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ecommerce cloud platform

Black Friday Comes
But Once a Year…

November 6, 2020

Let’s Talk Turkey ‘Tis the season to review, optimise, consolidate and improve your Cloud solutions in readiness for a surge in demand. The fate of the turkey may be uncertain with celebrations muted and vegan alternatives gaining an audience but they will not be counting their chickens and nor should we. It’s time for action..…

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hscn connection

HSCN connectivity from anywhere

October 1, 2020

anywhere is now providing HSCN connectivity for the Health and Social Care sector. HSCN has been introduced to improve accessibility within the NHS as well as for application providers, pharmacy organisations and the social care community. The sector has seen a massive surge in the adoption of digital technology and the sharing of information designed…

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phishing tech support

Gone Phishing…

August 31, 2020

Phishing is an industry… it’s dirty, it’s growing and it’s increasingly sophisticated. It’s estimated that around 90% of data breaches are still caused by phishing and every organisation should be taking measures to legislate against them.  Most of us will have received an email that raises our suspicions and when this happens it’s best to…

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