Communicationis Digitalis – The Evolution

We are not the first generation to recognise the need to work from anywhere. The Romans founded an Empire on remote working with Communications at the heart of it all. Messengers, tablets, scrolling and supply-chain management.. it’s all been done before but maybe less instant.

It may all have been very different back then if Julius Caesar had remembered to bring the adaptor for his fax machine.

In modern times the Empire-building baton has been passed on to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos and they all recognise the power of digital communications, allowing people to work remotely, sharing information and accessing real-time data.

Communicationis Digitalis has evolved and the evolution has been amplified by the pandemic. Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can benefit from digital progress and implementing robust Cloud solutions. The importance of stable and reliable Cloud-hosting provision cannot be overstated in the modern business landscape and that’s what we’re all about – supporting and enabling. It’s hard to think of a business or an individual that’s not impacted by digital progress in some way. Emails, text messages, video-conferencing, social-media posts, financial reporting, developing vaccines, accessing medical records and sharing expertise, virtual visits to your GP, delivering care, delivering parcels, logistics planning, recruitment, construction, banking, eCommerce.. there is a hunger and a need for instant messaging, instant access and instant results from remote working locations. You may not aspire to build an Empire on a Romanesque scale but it makes good business sense to have scalable and stable Cloud provision in place to support you as your business develops. IT should be used to your advantage and we can help you make it work with a reliable fast, remote working cloud service. As Julius once said.. Always Available, Always Secure, Anywhere