The Client

St Mary’s Hospice

St Mary’s Hospice is an exceptional, dedicated provider of specialised supportive and palliative care in South Cumbria, delivering care for patients both in the Hospice and at home. The Hospice network consists of seven sites including the main hospice building, a community building, a warehouse and shops across the region.

The Hospice network of 150 users depends on resilient IT services to support delivery of the support they work so hard to provide. They were looking for a Healthcare IT provider familiar with the needs of the industry.

The IT Requirement

St Mary’s had identified a weakness in their Cloud provision and had concerns about a) stability of the service, b) cyber security, c) their ability to handle disaster recovery d) speed of delivery/latency and e) ease of scalability of the service.

Operating in a ‘mission-critical’ environment, St Mary’s needed to be certain that the provider had robust infrastructure and processes in place to protect the network, secure data and offer prompt support for the users.

The IGC/Anywhere Technologies Solution

IGC were able to demonstrate that their Cloud platform and infrastructure was designed to meet the needs of St Marys.

  • IGC reviewed St Mary’s existing Cloud solution and developed a migration plan
  • carefully planned on-boarding with minimum disruption
  • Specific focus on security and assuring St Mary’s that protecting data is paramount for IGC*Disaster Recovery plan put in place
  • System allows for scalability required by St Mary’s
  • Ongoing, regular optimisation, monitoring and maintenance of the infrastructure deliver consistent high-performance for St Marys so that their IT solutions are recognised as enabling them to focus on service delivery

St Mary’s Objectives

A major security problem had led to the destruction of critical amounts of documents bringing Security and Recovery to the forefront of their thinking. IT/Connectivity had become unreliable and staff were losing valuable time.

Admin support was taking too much time and access to important real-time data could not be guaranteed. In short, IT was not enabling the organisation to deliver the standard of service they work hard to provide.

St Mary’s Perspective

Val Stangoe Chief Executive said: ‘All hospice decision making has affordability at its core. We wanted gold standard IT services which would keep our system safe and easily recover it in a crisis. We quickly saw in tender responses that affordability would be a significant issue. In the end the robustness of the system IGC / Anywhere offered alongside the excellent value for money convinced us to go with them.

Although security and cost were at the core of that initial decision looking back after 18 months our greatest satisfaction has come through the positive relationship between our team and the team at IGC. They are flexible and responsive, supporting our relatively low levels of IT literacy and finding ways to help us be more effective.  We have never regretted our decision to go with them.’

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