How Are Cyber Security And Network Security Related?

The importance of advanced technology in modern business has grown at a rapid rate in recent years, not least due to the changing landscapes caused by the global pandemic and an increased reliance on cloud computing. Both cyber security and network security form key ingredients in the recipe for success for any organisation in the North West.

While 68% of professionals agree that cyber threats are growing, many businesses have failed to upgrade their security protocols to an effective level. Now more than ever, knowledge is power and can be considered to be the first step towards regaining control of the situation and ensuring you are able to meet cyber security challenges. Here’s everything company owners in Manchester and the North West should know about cyber security.

Aren’t cyber security & network security the same?

As a North West business owner or IT professional, it’s only natural that you want to put disaster recovery protocols in place in case the worst happens. Ultimately though, prevention is always the best form of protection, which is why safeguarding your company through robust digital strategies should be at the top of your agenda. Cyber security and network security are two of the most prominent terms that you will encounter and, frankly, they are often inaccurately used in an interchangeable fashion.

PCMag defines cybersecurity as ”the protection of data and systems in networks that are connected to the internet”. This usually relates to matters where hackers and cybercriminals target businesses (and consumers) by gaining access to sensitive information with a view to either extorting money from victims or disrupting their company operations. Cybersecurity is in place to remove vulnerabilities for all online interactions that could potentially impact the health of hardware, software, and electronically stored data.

Network security

Meanwhile, network security, as defined by Cisco, is explained as “any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data”. It extends to cover all aspects of the network’s infrastructure, including both hardware and software, used either on-site for your business or by remote workers around the North West or further afield. Its aim is to prevent unauthorised access, misuse, malfunction, modification and improper disclosure to create secure platforms and prevent cyber theft.

Many people would subsequently label network security as a subset of cyber security. However, while they each serve the ultimate purpose of protecting the organisation’s digital assets, they are two distinct areas of online protection that must work together to provide an optimised performance.

How cyber security & network security combine to support Manchester businesses

No business owner wants to spend half of their time focusing on digital security matters, even if cyberattacks do occur every 39 seconds. Partnering with our local IT experts in the North West is an obvious alternative. It allows you to focus on achieving further business development targets rather than being dragged back by infuriating cyber security issues.

Network security can include firewalls, anti-virus software, email security, access control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), virtual private networks (VPNs), wireless security, mobile device security, anti-malware software, network segmentation, application security, data loss prevention tools, and other systems to prevent unauthorised access or cyberattacks of any kind.

With so many remote workers and interconnected supply chains your organisation must create a multi-layered security system that enables administrators to access policies and network data while simultaneously blocking hackers and bots from completing malicious actions such as corrupting files, stealing data, or disrupting the network.

Cybersecurity isn’t focused on adding the aforementioned layers of network security. Instead, it combines those technologies with the other attributes needed to create a watertight barrier between the business and cyberattackers. With an estimated 95% of all cyberattacks occurring due to human error, a heavy focus on the people within your business will be a priority. Compliance with company policies, as well as understanding the latest threats is key.

The cybersecurity processes will include training in ransomware, phishing scams, malware, and other potential threats. It is a more complex situation that cannot be fully described with one phrase. However, the idea that network security puts the right protective features in place while cybersecurity ensures that those resources are actively used correctly, is a relatively accurate summary.

Does your Manchester business need this level of digital security?

In a word, yes.

The threats posed by cybercriminals are greater than ever, and businesses must pay greater attention to them in this (hopefully) post-COVID era. After all, the financial and reputational damage is something that many companies would not recover from – particularly due to the fragility of many business sectors at this time.

Anywhere Technologies provides your company with the comprehensive tools and tactics needed to protect your business from every angle. This means preventing human errors while simultaneously removing system vulnerability and technological shortcomings. Whether you work out of a single office or your team is spread out across Manchester, Bolton, or the whole of the North West, doesn’t matter. We can get your organisation’s digital protection up to scratch, allowing you to concentrate on productivity, client interactions, and actively running the business.

Take the first steps towards protecting your business once and for all by arranging a consultation with our cyber security experts today.